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How to reuse an old kilt

How to reuse an old kilt

Well it was bound to happen, you were doing some house clearance and found an old kilt. Perhaps it was one that you picked up that you don’t plan to wear anymore, or it might be a gift, or even one from a family member. Sure you could toss it out and it would be gone forever. You could just put it back where you found it and leave it for later, but that goes against the house clearance. If you still collect useless things, you won’t be able to save from rubbish removal service and do it at cheap junk clearance prices. No, it would be best to find a way to reuse this kilt….but how?

First, these will depend on how handy you are with crafting. Some will take a bit more skill than the others. Secondly, how important is this kilt to you? If it is a family heirloom then perhaps taking scissors to it would be a bit no no. Third, what is the condition of the kilt? If it is mostly fine you have a lot to work with, if it is chewed up and worn through in spots you might only have a little bit of fabric to reuse.

The first option is to make your kilt into….a kilt. There are plenty of people that rework an old kilt into a new one for themselves. I found several stories of people finding a kilt in a thrift store that was made for someone of the opposite gender and redoing it so they would be able to wear it. And then the lit lives on for many more years. Of course perhaps you are wanting to do something with this kilt to make it less of a kilt, so you would use it more.

For that, a great option would be to turn it into pillow covers. Depending on how much material there is you might get a single cover or you could end up with a matched set. Overall it is very easy, determine the size pillow you wish to cover and then make a bag of that size with your kilt. Cut two squares to size and run a straight stitch with your sewing machine, turn the pillow case so the seams are on the inside, put in the pillow and one last straight stitch and your pillow is covered. If you wanted to be fancy swap that last stitch out for a zipper so you can change the covers as needed.

Or you could take your kilt to the kitchen. It could become a tea towel. Cut it to size and run a hem around the edge. You could also use scraps to make cup cozies, a more stylish version of what you might find at your local coffee shop.

When it comes time to do some house clearance and you stumble across a kilt, there is no need to panic. Don’t stuff it back and forget about it, don’t just pitch it out with the rubbish. See if you can reuse that old kilt, let it have a new run at life, perhaps as a kilt, perhaps as something different.

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