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Meet the Highland Tide Caber Team

Name: Josh Aydlette aka J.I. Surfer
DOB: 09/19/79
Hometown: James Island, SC
Best Event: Light Weight for Distance
Records or Personal Bests:
Breamar Stone 37'1.5"
Stone 45'5.5"
HWFD 34'8"
LWFD 72'5"
Heavy Hammer 86'7"
Light Hammer 100'9"
Sheaf 26
Weight Over Bar(WOB) 13'6"
Hobbies: Surfing, Track and Field, Beer Geeking, and Surfing some more.
Favorite Quote: When you aren't training hard to win, your opponent is.

Name: Jessica M. Dowdy
DOB: 10-29-1983
Hometown: Christiansburg VA
Best Event: sheaf or light weight for distance
Records or Personal Bests:
stone: 37'10.5
heavy weight for distance-36'6
light weight for distance-73'2
sheaf-24'6" (North American Record)
Weight over bar-15'
Hobbies: scottish games, track and field, shopping, weight lifting, traveling
Favorite Quote: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Name: Shane Sutherland
DOB: 10/13/78
Hometown: Redding CT
Best Event: Open Stone
Records or Personal Bests: 45 Ft. Open Stone,
Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, Camping, Hiking
Favorite Quote:

Name: Susan Anderson
DOB: 9/2/80
Hometown: Mt. Pleasant SC
Best Event: Open Stone
Records or Personal Bests: 2nd at Radford, 3rd at Triad
Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Hiking, Playing with her 2 Boykin Spaniels
Favorite Quote:

Name: Rick Norred
DOB: 7/15/59
Hometown: Sumter SC
Best Event: Sheaf
Records or Personal Bests: Rick is more enthusiastic than good! (his own words!)
Hobbies: Brewing Beer, cooking and raising blue heelers
Favorite Quote:Life is too short to drink bad beer!
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